How to use git without pager

Sometimes it can be beneficial to disable the pager, especially when I only want to view simple things. I prefer not having to press "q" just to quit or mistakenly pressing "q" and "Esc" multiple times.

My Password Manager Migration Story

For the last 8 years, I became a fanatical user of 1Password. I bought their v5 back in 2014. I migrated away from LastPass, and never looked back. Everything was good, until a few months ago when they said v8 won't be available as a standalone version anymore.

How to use FontAwesome 5/6 with Rails 7 and Propshaft

Using FontAwesome with Rails was really easy with font-awesome-rails gem. It also had really nice helpers. Thing is this gem depends on Sprokets. I wanted to try the shiny but very light Propshaft to be inline with modern Rails.

Announcement: Adda with Babar

I work as a Software Engineer at a company called Applause GmbH. I'm originally from Bangladesh and currently living in Berlin, Germany. I'd like to help you with anything I can with my experiences. In an effort to reduce that gap I would like to host 30 minutes chat, on a regular basis.

Read any YAML config file in Rails with ease

Few days ago I stummbled upon a cool helper method in Rails called config_for. It's super useful to read any YAML based config files with ease. Let me show you.

SSH Tunneling: Access network restricted services from local machine

Like I always to run my database server on the loopback device or on the private network. But sometimes I feel a strong urge to have access to the staging database from the local machine, be it for development o debugging purpose.