My Password Manager Migration Story

For the last 8 years, I became a fanatical user of 1Password. I bought their v5 back in 2014. I migrated away from LastPass, and never looked back. Everything was good, until a few months ago when they said v8 won't be available as a standalone version anymore.

How to use FontAwesome 5/6 with Rails 7 and Propshaft

Using FontAwesome with Rails was really easy with font-awesome-rails gem. It also had really nice helpers. Thing is this gem depends on Sprokets. I wanted to try the shiny but very light Propshaft to be inline with modern Rails.

Announcement: Adda with Babar

I work as a Software Engineer at a company called Applause GmbH. I'm originally from Bangladesh and currently living in Berlin, Germany. I'd like to help you with anything I can with my experiences. In an effort to reduce that gap I would like to host 30 minutes chat, on a regular basis.

Read any YAML config file in Rails with ease

Few days ago I stummbled upon a cool helper method in Rails called config_for. It's super useful to read any YAML based config files with ease. Let me show you.

SSH Tunneling: Access network restricted services from local machine

Like I always to run my database server on the loopback device or on the private network. But sometimes I feel a strong urge to have access to the staging database from the local machine, be it for development o debugging purpose.

দেশের বাইরে ৩৬৬ দিন

১ বছর আগে এই দিনে জীবনে প্রথমবারের মত প্লেনে উঠে ২ ঘন্টায় ১৫০০ কিলো পাড়ি দিয়ে শুরু করেছিলাম জীবনের নতুন অধ্যায়! এরপর গত একবছরে সম্পূর্ণ ভিন্ন ধর্মী দুইটা কালচার, আবহাওয়া এক্সপেরিয়েন্স করার সুযোগ হয়েছে। সাথে অসম্ভব ট্যালেন্ডেড কিছু লোকজনের সাথে কাজ করার সুযোগও হয়েছে!