AutoComplete Text Field in Flutter

AutoComplete is a nice feature for any possible input field, be it on Web or Mobile. In flutter you can implement a AutoComplete text field in various ways, starting from using your very own TextEditingController.

Inspect Websites on iOS

Sometimes it's absolutely horrendous to debug a css/js issue just on iPhone. It's not reproducable on desktop, in responsive view, even not in simulators. But in actual devise it just winks at you!

How to parse first and last name from full name

Sometimes we need to split a full name into first name and last name parts. In Ruby String#split is the default thinking. If the name is just two parts, like "John Doe" it'd work like breeze.

How to generate slug with multiple candidate in Rails

Whenever working with any kind of of CMS, human readable URL comes as a natural requirement. I used to use firendly_id for this. It's a solid gem for this purpose and featureful.

One year of being a (Baby|Introvert) team lead

The plan was all working along, I became really good working independently. Being a full stack developer, having less and less dependencies with others! Then came the year 2017 in my life!

Repair crashed MySQL table

MySQL `repair` command failing? Okay let's try a bit more advanced solution.