How to use git without pager

Sometimes it can be beneficial to disable the pager, especially when I only want to view simple things. I prefer not having to press "q" just to quit or mistakenly pressing "q" and "Esc" multiple times.

How to get human readable file size on Mac (/*BSD) terminal

Getting file size from OSX terminal is a pain. Actually it's a pain in all BSD variants. We normally use `ls -sh` on Linux derivatives. But this command on Mac doesn't return a human readable value.

Basic Database Design tips for Relational Database

A poorly designed database can make your life hell as a dev while optimizing an app. On the other hand, A good design can speedup your development process along with the performance of the app.

Determine MySQL Database Size

Sometimes we want a summery of size consumed by our databases in MySQL engine. This will list all databases that current MySQL user can access and list their size in megabyte.

How to personalize the fancy warning message of sudo

On that post I wrote about how to enable the warning message forever when using sudo. Now I'm going to write about how the change the warning message and personalize it on your own.

How to keep the fancy warning message of sudo forever

You may have noticed the warning message while using sudo for the first time on Linux. I think it's fancy to keep the waring message not only for the first time but for all the time, and surely I like it.