First, a brief short intro again, if you don't know me.

I'm Babar, also known as HangryDev online. I work as a Software Engineer at a company called Applause GmbH. I'm originally from Bangladesh and currently living in Berlin, Germany. I have got a few years of working experience as a Developer and DevOps. In the last 3 years, I've traveled away from Bangladesh to 3 new cities, 2 new countries, and 1 continent with my job.

I'd like to help you with anything I can with my experiences. About 1 and a half years ago I deleted my Facebook account. As a result, right now I'm not that much connected with any Bangladeshi communities. In an effort to reduce that gap I would like to host chat, on a regular basis.

The format would be an open discussion platform. It can be 1-1 or a group discussion. Ideally, it would be 30 minutes or longer if needed. Possible topics might be:

We can have the discussion in Bangla (preferred) or in English.

Initially, I'm trying to have some availability in my morning time, as folks from Bangladesh can ping me in the daytime. But if you have any urgent needs, maybe contact me over Twitter.

Book a slot at

This can be a private or public discussion. And obviously, it's 100% FREE. Shoot me your question. 😇

What's on your mind?