Yesterday got a brand new called I was searching for a own name domain from a long back. Specially after getting my MacMini. People started irritating me as i derived from iOS of ibabar. :P Unfortunately for Babar The Elephant, it was very hard to get domains for me!

Day before yesterday, even thought of the domain name and posted it on facebook!

Someone suggested me, liked it. Whoished from terminal, it said it's free yet!

Went to NameCheap, they says it's not free! Damn.

Later yesterday morning, went to, and they said it's free! Only then I noticed NameCheap actually doesn't sell .im domain, they showed me result for!

And yeah, I bought it from and it's live now.

So, site is from now on

Farewell, thanks for your service mate. :)

And warm welcome to

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