Announcement: Adda with Babar

I work as a Software Engineer at a company called Applause GmbH. I'm originally from Bangladesh and currently living in Berlin, Germany. I'd like to help you with anything I can with my experiences. In an effort to reduce that gap I would like to host 30 minutes chat, on a regular basis.

Goodbye, welcome

Someone suggested me, liked it. Whoished from terminal, it said it's free yet!

Sart from data lose, Start from soul!

So it took time to find some unstable VPS provider! I believe stable servers and providers are too mainstream! :P However I'm back with my irregular blogging staff.

I am Babar

Hello Everyone. I am Babar a user of blog. My full name is MD. Al-Amin Babar. Student in profession.

Welcome to the Blog.

I am the Admin of this blog, announceing the openning of blog. Start From Soul with us.

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