Repair crashed MySQL table

MySQL `repair` command failing? Okay let's try a bit more advanced solution.

How to deploy Sinatra App with Puma and NginX (manually - no Capistrano)

Building even static websites will be fun with sinatra! But deploying might not be fun for everyone. So, Today I'll show you how to deploy a Sinatra App manually with Puma and Nginx.

MailCatcher - Your development mail server and client

Testing emails can be a severe pain in the ass. It takes time to deliver, sent to spam or just doesn't reach out in your inbox.

Forward email from CloudFlare with Mailgun

It's extra pain if you have lots of domains. Then you might not want to maintain separate inbox for all domains. All you might is forward branded email to a central inbox. And for that I really don't want to pay!

Enable remote access to PostgreSQL database server

Often it's good to access databases directly from desktop. Or maybe you want your database server to be different from your application server. Whatever your reason is, the requirement is enabling remote access to your PostgreSQL database server.