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Branded emails is a pain in the ass with small websites. Once upon a time there was Google Apps for this. But that's a history now!

It's extra pain if you have lots of domains. Then you might not want to maintain separate inbox for all domains. All you might is forward branded email to a central inbox. And for that I really don't want to pay!

Some domain providers offer email forwarding with their DNS hosting. But that not the case with CloudFlare. I'm moving all my domains to CloudFlare now-a-days. Then I felt need of a solution for email forwarding.

There's several ways you can solve this problem. I went for Mailgun.

Here's how.

First register a free account on Mailgun.com and add your domain. Add the naked domain, example.com. Not www.example.com or any other subdomain. Mailgun will show instruction to add several DNS records.

Go back to CloudFlare. Add the records. Most importantly add the MX records. These will delegate your mails to Mailgun. All set? Ok.

Again back to Mailgun part. It may take some time to propagate the DNS records and get your domain verified. Meantime, go to Routes section.

Create a new route like the image below. Setup Mailgun Routes

Most importantly, change the email values with your own. First email is your desired email and second one is your original inbox address.

Save your route, wait for your domain to be verified. And you should be good to go. :)

[no_bd]By the way, if you want to have your own branded nameserver or email server, Shoot me a email, I can set it up for you.[/no_bd]

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Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim commented almost 9 years ago

Cool tips! Thanks.