My Password Manager Migration Story

For the last 8 years, I became a fanatical user of 1Password. I bought their v5 back in 2014. I migrated away from LastPass, and never looked back. Everything was good, until a few months ago when they said v8 won't be available as a standalone version anymore.

কিভাবে পেওনীয়ারের টাকা সরকারী রেমিটেন্স প্রণোদনা সহ বাংলাদেশী ব্যাংকে আনবেন

পেওনীয়ারের মত কোম্পানীর মাধ্যমে যেসব ট্রানজেকশন হচ্ছে, অনেকেই সেটার বিপরীতে সরাসরি কোন ইন্সেন্টিভ পাচ্ছেন না! আজকে আমি একটা ঘুরো পথ দেখাবো যেটার মাধ্যমে আপনি প্রবাসী না হয়েও ইন্সেনটিভ সব টাকা দেশে আনতে পারবেন পেওনীয়ার থেকে।

Guest Posts v2.0 Released

Give an opportunity to your unregistered readers to post on your Blog now. v2.0 Release notes.

Why my WP_AJAX returning Zero (0) with my response?

Some of you may still surprise, why the callback function for WP_Ajax returning an additional 0 or something else which is very unwanted at the end of your own response.

How to properly work with AJAX on WordPress (WP_AJAX)

Actually using Ajax directly into your plugin or theme is a little immature way. Cause you'll have to keep track of your files to make it work, which sometime become difficult. That's where WP_Ajax make things comfortable.

Add custom Column to Users list table on WordPress

Sometimes it's needed to add extra column on user table to show extra property file a custom meta field or something like this. Let's say you want to list a column called "Customer Since" on user table which will display the registration date of your user.