Today released Guest Posts v2.0.

Newly added:

Guest Post 2.0 Settings

Download Latest version now:

Give an opportunity to your unregistered readers to post on your Blog now.

Let me know if you find any bug.

What's on your mind?


Cristhian J. Badell commented almost 8 years ago

Great plugin. Just wondering if I can change the "Leave a comment" label for a Spanish one ("Deja tu comentario"). Thanks in advance!

Sampath commented about 9 years ago

it doesn't submit on my web site. I setup all the this properly.

phuc commented almost 10 years ago

can you help me solve this.

phuc commented almost 10 years ago

Hi Babar, my name Phuc from Viet Nam, I'm starter Wordpress for my site, I had use your this plugin to learn more about post shortcode in page. There a problem when I install your plugin in to my wordpress project as you guided -> i fill all information into post form and click summit -> no thing happen

Babar commented almost 10 years ago

Do you have any cache plugin or something like that? It's should work perfectly. I just checked on my local setup.

Jay S commented almost 10 years ago

Awesome now you have an admin bar will you be providing the option later to change the name of the fields and placeholders. Eg I use guest post so that people can post Testimonials on my site a bit which I edited the plugin following some past support tickets.

Also thanks again for the plugin unlike the others I had tried in the past your is reliable and doesn't have any issues or conflicts with other plugins.