Enable remote access to PostgreSQL database server

Often it's good to access databases directly from desktop. Or maybe you want your database server to be different from your application server. Whatever your reason is, the requirement is enabling remote access to your PostgreSQL database server.

Basic Database Design tips for Relational Database

A poorly designed database can make your life hell as a dev while optimizing an app. On the other hand, A good design can speedup your development process along with the performance of the app.

Goodbye iBabar.com, welcome Babar.im

Someone suggested me babar.im, liked it. Whoished from terminal, it said it's free yet!

Determine MySQL Database Size

Sometimes we want a summery of size consumed by our databases in MySQL engine. This will list all databases that current MySQL user can access and list their size in megabyte.

Guest Posts v2.0 Released

Give an opportunity to your unregistered readers to post on your Blog now. v2.0 Release notes.

Why my WP_AJAX returning Zero (0) with my response?

Some of you may still surprise, why the callback function for WP_Ajax returning an additional 0 or something else which is very unwanted at the end of your own response.