10th October 2010, is going to be a part of history. Because it is 10.10.10. The 10th day of 10th month of 2010. A historical number!

The whole world is going to celebrate it. Not only the whole world but also the virtual world. As the day will back to us after 100 years.

On binary calculation the digit become 42. On that cause virtual world is not only ready with the digit 1 and 0, but also with 42. A website have been launched named Fourtytwoday

<!--more-->(www.fortytwoday.com). A countdown banner have been added at the bottom of the site. Fan pages have been opened on social networking site like facebook, twitter, flicker and many no the name of 42.

The site 1010Global (www.1010global.org) has a special moto. they are telling that a person can use 10% less carbon al home school and office if he wish.

Video sharing site Youtube is going to arrange something special on this day. Metatube is also on the ay.

Popular open source OS Ubuntu will release their next version Ubuntu 10.10 on this day. The name of this release is Maverick Meerkat. They have released some countdown banner on this occasion.

At last we can hope the day will bring much happiness to everyones life.

So, Enjoy yourself.

What's on your mind?


mackdaniel commented over 13 years ago

this was a really nice post, thanks

badmash commented over 13 years ago

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

Babar commented over 13 years ago

Thanks. If you want I will post. Without this I must post on various topic.