Oh, it's already 278 days passed since I have done my last post. Welcome Me back guys!

Problem is I have been caught into too much laziness that I hardly can do anything good. This year my Internet life has already so messed up. As a result I am going through too much frustration.

But the good news is, I am trying to be back in track again. As the first attempt I have decided to make this blog live. I am thinking to continue blogging from now.

Already have done some reconstruction here, new theme, optimized database, optimized scripts and some other. Site should be load faster than any other times. Planning to go for a CDN within few days or a month. Anyway my color sense isn't that good, please advice me on the color combination. Also inform me if you have any other ideas.

Okay here is the promise, I will post all new and fresh content regularly and keep the blog live. At least I can post my Facebook status here. ;)

So welcome me and as an Admin I am welcoming all my readers once again.

Welcome Back

Stay tuned and keep updated. A massive flow of content is going to be happened.

If you guys want to contribute on this blog, that's appreciated. Just let me know I will give you the access to get started

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