You might have noticed that, yesterday iBabar blog was down for a while, approx 10 hours.

It was a very silly mistake of mine. I am now at village for EID vacation and yesterday I was getting very slow speed with GrameenPhone. For some maintenance task, I thought to access the cPanel with my mobile. While accessing the "Legacy File Manager" of cPanel I touched a wrong menu unintentionally and the destruction happened.

I tried to stop the action but couldn't do that. Within a moment I lost all the files of iBabar Blog.

Contacting the hosting provider they informed me that last backup was taken on 13th October 2012. And I stared massive update here after 20 October.

Like the knowledge word says:

Bad Times never come alone.

Same type thing happened to my beloved Projanmo Forum when it was hacked on December 2010 and the backup system wasn't working right then for three days which wasn't noticed by any admin.

Whatever, hosting provider restored 13th dated backup files. I stared working immediately to get back the site online as soon as possible. (Also announced on Facebook.)

After several hours of work I could get back the site with a look. I am still working on it.

There maybe some bug here, if you find any please inform us so that we can resolve it on best possible time.

So the lesson I have learned. Will not relay on hosting provider's backup system but will do manual full site backup regularly.

And finally thanks for being with us.

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Anup Debnath commented over 11 years ago

Try to find some post from google? contact গিট্টু

Babar commented over 11 years ago

Haven't lost any post, but lost some static files (images). Tried Google Cache, but no result. :( It has only texts!

Ashik72 commented over 11 years ago

That's why I love myRepno plugin for backing up wordpress site remotely and regularly. :P

Babar commented over 11 years ago

Automatic backup was also initialed on my cPanel and also depended on that. But now, no way man!

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