We have heard a lot about the Internet Download Manager (IDM), which is favourite to many people. We heard that it can boost the download speed at a high rate.

But, I can't tell it a bad luck or a good luck that it doesn't have support for my  Ubuntu. So, I didn't have to do anything.

But in the next it have been proved one more time that every soft has a FOSS alternative.

Some days ago I was downloading Miss. Julia. I have took some screen shot of my download Manager on that time. I am giving them below.

(Click on Image for big display.)

I use a connection of Banglalion WiMAX. The package contains 256kbps speed with unlimited bandwith.

Then. What's your decision after reviewing the images? Do you still believe that, there is no alternative of IDM?

What's on your mind?


FaisalKhan commented over 13 years ago

আমার তো ভাই উল্টা , আই ডি এম সবচেয়ে ফাউল লাগে, আমার মনে হয় আই পি স্ট্যাটিক না হলে আই ডি এম ঠিক মত রিজিউম করতে পারে না, আমার জানা ভুল হলে জানাবেন প্লিজ , আমি অতিষ্ট তাই আমি jdownloader, mipony ইউজ করি আপনার কাছে একটা নাম শুনছিলাম aria2c এটা কি কানেকশন পেলেই অটো রিজিউম করে নাকি বোকা আই ডি এমের মত ম্যানু......লি করতে হয়? এখানকার ডাউনলোডারের নাম কি? অপেক্ষায় রইলাম

Babar commented over 13 years ago

I have used Aria2 here as the downloader. Aria2 dose not have a GUI. You will have to start downloads manually. But if you use Ubuntu or any Linux based OS then it's very easy to start downloads automatically. It's because Aria2 is a linux native application. It has a windows version but that's not so suitable. If you want to achieve the full advantage of Aria2 you may have to use any linux based OS. Thanks.