About MySelf

Hello World!

I am Babar. Full name is MD. Al-Amin Babar also known as Babar Al-Amin. I am from Bangladesh.


I am a Freelance WordPress Developer and Love to be a Linux SysAdmin. Love playing with Terminal and writing codes on grayish black window. Working to be a Top Notch Full Stack Software Dev.


Operating from a Mac Mini with a 21.5 inches window to the World! Occasionally use a MacBook Pro also. Use Debian and CentOS to operate on servers.


I love blogging (My English Blog). Electronics attracts me very much from the childhood. Math and Physics means fondness to me. Love to eat and travel as well.


Eat rich, but like Khicuri and Thai Noodles. And for all time I like sweet.


I could not find my favorite color because of my ambivalent manner. Like I don't like red for me but like to see women wearing red shari.

Books and Writers

Like to read Sharatchandra Chattapaddhay. A good fan of Masud Rana Series. Recently got my Kindle and reading ebooks too!


My Father.


One line about me, “Unstructured, Careless, Net Addicted and Irregular in everything.”

Mission: Smile Please!

My passion is making people smile. As a web application developer I make a website owner smile with my Cutting Edge code base and Robust Application structure. And make a user smile with awesome features.

I am a Master WordPress Developer

I mainly work on WordPress with other bleeding edge technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Working with WordPress from mid 2010. I know ins and outs about it. Scored top 90% percentile on WordPress test at Expertrating (oDesk, vWorker etc).

My experience in WordPress is more than 3 years. I have developed several plugins for my clients and WordPress plugin repository. One of them has already counted 20000 public downloads and counting.....

Love to be a Linux SysAdmin

Not only WP, I also have a good hand in Linux Server Administration, specially with cPanel and LEMP (Linux, NginX, MySQL and PHP) stack. As server OS I prefer to use Debian. Also use CentOS for cPanel servers.

I also have experience with setting up VPN (OpenVPN and PPTP) and Remote Desktop.

Skill Set

I would rather rate my skills like this:

WordPress 95%
Linux 90%
PHP 85%
MySQL 70%
Laravel 75%
jQuery 75%
HTML5 80%
CSS3 80%

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