Once upon a time, I had a dream of working at a shadow corner of a server room. Surrounded by racks and neat cables, no need to interact with many people!

The plan was all working along, I became really good working independently. Being a full stack developer, having less and less dependencies with others! Then came the year 2017 in my life!

Last year today I joined a startup company with some friends (Bhai Brothers). Before joining, I knew there will be another 1-2 senior developers with me. But after joining, the situation changed very radically. I became the only senior after my Product Manager and Tech Lead. Both of them were extremely busy with business side. With my Tech Lead’s suggestion unofficially I had to take up the charge as team lead. Another journey started, far different from what I wanted!

The team was small but very tightly knitted! Everyone knew what other members were doing. There were mix of skills and experience levels. Everybody had something in their deposit to learn from. We started running mainly on deadlines. I read some business books earlier 2017, those things started making sense. Learned a lot from my Tech Lead and my Product Manager.

How I survived!

As an introvert, it’s really difficult for me to interact with various people on a daily basis. Here I’m really really grateful to my Technical Lead for acting like a shield in between me and any management BS. Also my team was really understanding at this stage. I could be assured that if I assign a task, it’ll be taken care of. Everyone took up something extra along with regular responsibilities. Like my Product Designer started taking care of task management and distribution. Without them it was impossible for me to serve!

The good parts

The not so good parts

Thanks to my team, my Tech Lead, my Product Manager to help me with the journey. Thanks to my friends for recommending me for this job! Thanks to my mentors who taught me to take ownership, who suggested me to get into local job from remote one. Thanks everyone for this wonderful experience! Hope to be the boss baby someday!

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